Youth & Education

Youth Conference and Student Bursaries

This is a partnership activity with TRU and the Kamloops Aboriginal Friendship Centre. The proposed program framework will provide annual two-day youth leadership conference at TRU for forty youth 16 to 24 years of age. Urban and rural Aboriginal youth in the TRU catchment area will be recommended by their schools and communities to attend.

The conference will offer collaborative workshops and focus groups that will explore barriers to accessing post-secondary education, needed student mental health supports, educational exploration of programs and options, building student success, and increased mentorship opportunities with Aboriginal TRU alumni, current students, and the attending youth.

Student bursaries will be presented again this year for Indigenous students graduating from grade 12 and who will be attending TRU in the fall semester, applications are sent out to all the Aboriginal Education workers in School district #73.

Funded through TRU.

Youth and Cultural Education

The Cultural Education Coordinator provides culturally appropriate services that promote and ensure positive educational experiences for students through the School District #73. The Coordinator offers support and assistance to Principles, Education Counselors and Aboriginal Education Workers. The Coordinator also participates in Aboriginal grad, National Indigenous Day and cultural event held at School District #73.     For more information contact the Cultural Education Coordinator, Bernice Jensen at

Funded through School District #73.

Cultural Presentations:

  • Drum & Singing Traditional Songs
  • Interior Plateau Dances with Drumming
  • Traditional Foods with visual aides
  • Traditional Hunting with visual aides
  • Traditional Fishing with visual aides
  • Tools & Technology with visual aides
  • Medicinal Medicines with visual aides
  • Display of Clothing: furs, buckskins
  • Men’s, Women’s & Children’s Role
  • Ceremonies & Protocol
  • Smudging with the 4 Medicine Plants
  • Traditional Story Telling
  • Plant Identification & Nature Walk
  • Coast Salish History & Art
  • Residential School History
  • Pow Wow Dance & Etiquette
  • Traditional Games – Knobby, Lacrosse, etc.
  • Bannock Making Demonstrations & Samples
  • Indian Ice Cream Demonstration & Samples
  • Rights of Passage
  • Medicine Wheel History
  • Sweat Lodge
  • Tipi – set up and display (small one)
  • Tanning Animal Hides
  • Offering Ties
  • Harvest – Sage, Cedar, Pine Needle
  • Flint Knapping with visual aides
  • Traditional Governance
  • Lahal/Stick Games and Drumming
  • Chemical Changes – First Nations uses
  • Traditional Medicinal Suave Making

Cultural Art Projects:

  • Drum Making (small groups)
  • Rattle Making (small groups)
  • Mini Button Blankets – History & Project
  • Dream Catchers – History & Project
  • Christmas Dream Catcher
  • Pine Needle Baskets
  • Coil Baskets
  • Beaded Christmas Ornaments
  • Metis Weaving – History & Project
  • Mini Dip Net for Fishing
  • Mini Gill Nets for Fishing
  • Mini Moccasins
  • Story Rock with Pictographs (painting)
  • Spe’tsin Hemp Rope – hands on activities
  • Making Pow Wow Regalia (small groups)
  • Mini Pit Houses
  • Mini Inuksuk – History & Project
  • Bulrush Mat Weaving – (seasonal June – Oct)
  • Beaded Lanyards
  • Beaded Bracelets
  • Talking Stick with Legend “How Talking Stick was Created”
  • Drumsticks
  • Leather Medicine Pouches
  • Making Lahal/Stick Game Set
  • Scrapping & Tanning animal skins
  • Painted Parfleche Medallions
  • Painted Parfleche Medicine Pouches (small groups)
  • Ribbon Skirts & Ribbon Shirts (small groups)
  • Beading: key chains, earrings etc

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