FNHA Outreach Support Worker

Our outreach support worker provides outreach services to Indigenous people residing in Kamloops in precarious housing situations. Priorities include women and First Nations people.

They offer direct outreach service for approximately 40 clients over the term of the 6-month agreement, including:

  • Education
  • Opportunities to engage with established services-linkage to existing services
  • Opportunity introduced to engage with home community-linkage to home community contact
  • Harm reduction supplies distributed
  • Harm reduction education and promotion

Reaching Home Street Outreach Support

Services will be available to all Urban Indigenous women and men that are living on and off reserve and rural areas. Status, non-status, Metis, Inuit, and two spirited populations will be served in the surrounding area.

The Outreach support worker will work towards the following objectives:

  • Provide culturally appropriate direct outreach services that will improve the health and wellbeing of Urban Indigenous women and men living within the Authority’s region;
  • Assisting our Urban Indigenous women and men in their transition from the street to healthier, alternative lifestyles.
  • Participate in a mentoring role with other peer support workers

Some of the services include one-to-one counseling, treatment planning, case management, education and crisis intervention. They also offer cultural and spiritual practices including smudging, sweats, medecine wheel, use of elders and prayers.

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