Early Childhood Development, Family Preservation and Youth Services

Early Childhood Development (ECD)

The team for this program consists of a Family Support Worker Sheilagh Dornan, a Cultural Family Support Worker Candace Plato and a Nutritionist Crystal Bullock. The workers provide in-home and in-office support for families that have children aged 0-6 years. ECD helps connect families who may feel alone and who have little support within their community. By hosting events, lunches, and workshops they encourage people to meet new friends and expand their circles of support.

Some of the services provided are individual counseling, family support, cultural awareness and information to families, social workers and other aboriginal community service providers, culturally appropriate activities, Pre and postnatal nutritional support, Nutritional counseling, special events days, new moms support group and much more.

Funded through MCFD.

Healthy Beginnings Programs

This popular group of parents with children 0-6 years old gives you the chance to meet other caregivers and gather information. It is an opportunity for the children to enjoy playtime, peer interaction and socialization, snacks, story time and crafts. This group is on Thursday mornings at 10:00 am – 12 noon.

Expecting moms and/or their partners may access prenatal information about pregnancy, labour and delivery, baby care, and post partum care of Mom. This group goes on a hospital tour to help familiarize parents of hospital routines. Postnatal information will be given to each client based on need. Referral will be made to other professionals on behalf of the clients needs.

Funded through ICS.

Family Preservation and Youth Service Team

The team for this program consists of a Team Leader/Family Support Worker Jenna John, Family Preservation Worker Corinna Martinson, Youth Worker Lauralee Taylor and Indigenous Support Worker Miranda George. All our support workers in this program provide culturally appropriate services to children, youth and their families that need support. We assess the client and the situation, provide in home immediate crisis counseling and refer families to appropriate resources if necessary.

This team helps parents meet the Ministries expectations by working through the issues that may inhibit the return of the children to the family. We may be involved in the case management of families by attending ministry meetings, case conferences, risk assessments and family court.

Some of the services offered are Family Court Advocacy, Family Support, Mentorship, Counseling and Drop-In.

The youth worker on this team will develop and maintain supportive working relationships with Youth at risk. Youth will be provided with information that will assist them to access educational, employment, social and recreational opportunities. Services may include but not limited to resume writing, community recreational activities, youth gatherings, cultural arts and crafts.

Funded through MCFD.

A Childs ROOTS Are Forever Program

The Roots Worker will work directly with Indigenous children and youth who are in care with the Ministry for Children and Family Development and Secwepemc Child & Family Service. The program ensures that each child in the Ministries care, are provided with a strong foundation based on their cultural, spiritual, mental and emotional traditional teachings, while also supporting and encouraging the connection with their family, extended family and Indigenous community.

Funded through MCFD.

Outreach Support Worker

The Outreach support worker is part of the Family Preservation and ECD teams and is unique and is geared towards increasing healthy birth outcomes, enhancing parenting skills and supporting child development. By working with the family, community in a holistic approach we can help build strong and healthy families, by providing in-home support, the worker can offer counseling that teaches parents appropriate parenting skills, and behavior management.

Funded through MCFD.

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