Health Services

Affordable Recreational Community Health Program (ARCH)

This program allows low income families to participate in all the Kamloops Parks and Recreation Activities at a more affordable cost to them. To apply you need to show photo I.D for the applicant and birth certificates of all family members, a current utility bill for proof of address, and all adult applicants last years’ income tax assessment to prove income eligibility. Application forms are now available at 125 Palm street through the KAFS receptionist.

Funded through Parks Recs Kamloops.

Substance Use Program

Addictions Counselling Program provides one-to-one counseling for individuals who are seeking support and information for recovery from an alcohol or drug addiction. Services from the alcohol and drug counselor include counseling, referral to treatment centers, in-house referrals, information support and prevention. This program has assisted men, women, youth and elders in their journey to sobriety. Jessica is our new addictions counselor and she offers one on one counselling sessions with a culturally based approach. During these sessions, clients will find helpful ways to change their thoughts, emotions and behaviors through CBT. They will also learn how to complete their own medicine wheel, and to bring balance to their lives mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. 

Funded through Interior Health.

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